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Ruth Anne Sheridan
Network Marketing Professional,
Mentor & Coach
Attraction Marketing Formula has changed my business and my life.
These past two years since starting Attraction Marketing, I have been able to grow my network marketing business to produce a 6 figure residual income for my family, and have also been able to bring in over $100,000 in additional commissions. I have officially fired my boss and I am on track to confidently retire my husband this year!
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 The secret to selling ANYTHING. Once you get this concept you’ll be able to successfully market ANY kind of a product or business. (Page 34)
 How you can start enrolling people overnight and quickly create a massive team WITHOUT even promoting your opportunity. This ONE TIP has been responsible for launching a new wave of Million Dollar earners.
 The absolute BEST WAY to generate leads and get paid in the process EVEN IF they never join your business. I used this to kickstart my list... got 323 red-hot leads… and even pocketed some commissions. (Page 30)
 How to create a perfect “Doorway” into your business and generate an endless stream of high-quality leads.  I’ll show you the most effective way to attract a huge number of prospects and exactly what I did to go from lead poverty to creating literally HUNDREDS of Thousands of leads online. (Page 57)
 How to get thousands of people to TRUST you,  hang on to your every word and sign-up… all with a single email. (Page 77)
 How to add NEW streams of income to your existing home biz.  You can do this as quickly as one hour and immediately turn it into ongoing residual profits. (Page 31)
 Got an idea for a product you want to sell online?  90% of these ideas FAIL miserably… but here’s a simple 5-step process to make sure you hit the bull’s eye every single time.  (Page 40)
 How to turn the tables on all the skeptics and boneheads...  NEVER AGAIN deal with people who look down at your business… and Get Qualified & Interested Leads Only!
 Ever email your prospects? This is where most people BLOW IT... here’s the most important tip you will ever hear about email marketing.  (Page 79)
 A simple laundry trick you can use to consistently get more people and pump new blood into your business every single day. (Page 17)
 Should you lead with your product or business for MAXIMUM success? The right answer may surprise you. (Page 39)
 A little 4 letter word that’ll make every one of your marketing posts, videos or ads jump out, grab your prospect’s attention. This is the SECRET to attracting the “right person” and getting them to chase YOU. (Page 25)
 A 5-step “Success Blueprint” to creating a never ending flow of high-quality prospects into your biz and turning it into a HUGE organization. (Page 22)
 The single biggest secret large companies use to rake in insane amounts of revenues… and how YOU can use the exact same secret to virtually EXPLODE your income in no time flat. (Page 36)
 How to use email to AUTOMATICALLY build relationships with your prospects...enroll new reps and sign-up new retail customers… without talking to a single soul. (Page 36)
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What Others are saying about AMF
Milva Sadek // Cremona, Italy
Attraction Marketing Formula Literally Changed 
My Life!
"I was looking for information to build my business as a real leader and I found it. I didn’t want to be the weird person trying to recruit her aunt or prospecting friends during a night out, I wanted a real business and now I have it. The thing is that now I have more time to dedicate to other areas of my business and more free time, because I have systems working for me and I removed prospecting side from the equation. Attraction Marketing Formula literally changed my life!"
Robert Holman // Texas
400 New Leads…21 Recruits… and $5,021 In Additional Commissions in The First 30
“I was a 10 year network marketing veteran who was BURNT OUT and ready to walk away from this industry when I found Attraction Marketing Formula. At first I was sceptical, but the idea of having people I didn’t even know reach out to me was refreshing. I got the program. Studied everything, took advantage of the free coaching calls and took action. In the first 30 days I generated 400 new leads, 21 recruits and added $5,021 in additional commissions.”
Alex Rivera // California
100+ New Leads and $3,000 in Additional Commissions in the First 30 Days
"Attraction Marketing Formula has allowed my wife and I to add an additional income to our existing 6-figure network marketing business. Using this online system, after just one month we brought in 100+ new leads and made almost $3,000 in additional commissions."
Eva Taylor // Indiana
Rank Advanced 6 Times in 6 Months Thanks to Attraction Marketing
"I didn’t want to spam my friends and family, so I started researching why some people skyrocket to success, while others struggle for years. That’s when I stumbled across Attraction Marketing Formula, which completely revolutionized my thinking of the entire industry. After putting these attraction marketing principles to use with my new company, I got rank advanced 6 times in 6 moths. So grateful to have learned this concept of attraction marketing."
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Here are testimonials from even people just like you who got results.

Remember, "the longer you take to get trained, the longer it will take you to start getting results".
Here are testimonials from even people just like you who got results.

Remember, "the longer you take to get trained, the longer it will take you to start getting results".

Dr. Jim Storhok from Lake Orion, Michigan

Starting From Absolute Zero I Created a New 5 Figure Part-Time Income

"As a Doctor of Physical Therapy by day, and struggling network marketer by night, I was the farthest thing from a tech savvy online entrepreneur. Within 6 short months after picking up Attraction Marketing Formula, I created a new 5 figure part-time income, starting from absolute zero."

Jayme Hubbart from Thornton, Colorado

700 Leads, Lots of Sales and New Business Partners
"I have over 700 leads, lots of sales and new business partners this year because of the strategies I’ve learned inside Attraction Marketing Formula. The biggest thing I’ve gained from this training and being part of the Elite Marketing Pro community is the confidence in myself and my unique abilities."
"AMF gave me exactly what I needed to do...and have real results on paper"
-Cleo C 
Altamonte Springs, Florida
"Attraction Marketing Formula literally changed my business and my life!"
-Cesar R 
Wilmington, North Carolina
"Getting Attraction Marketing Formula was the best thing I ever did for my business"
-Richard S.
Houston, Texas
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188 Pages of No-B.S. & No Fluff Guide to Creating 
Your Own Online Prospecting Machine on Auto-Pilot! 
Yes I’m Ready To Explode My 
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